Hello and Welcome to Teach Daily!

What is Teach Daily?

On Teach Daily you will be able to find activities, tips and tricks to do with your children, as well as topics about parenting and home organization.

How did it begin?

 “It takes a village to raise a child

As a professional nanny and teacher for many years, I have seen, studied, and successfully managed children in the home and taught children in schools. I have a passion for teaching and helping families with different day to day events in our ever changing society.

As a teacher, I have seen a societal shift in our children in school. As a Nanny I have seen a societal shift in home life as well as the interactions between parents and their children.

I am by no means an expert on families, and all families have their own way of working. However, I am an expert on children developmentally. Despite what society thinks, Children’s Development does not change.

To continue my passion and love for inspiring the good in children and families (Thanks Wheelock), I feel as though it is important that I share some tips and tricks that I have learned and been successful with in teaching and nurturing children in school and in homes.


I am by no means paid to write or review anything on this blog. These thoughts, ideas, and methods are my own and anything that is not is given credit when due.


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