Did Someone Say Snow Day?

YES PLEASE! But wait, what do I do with the kids?Snow day Blog

Think back to your nostalgic days of being a kid and hearing or seeing your school name on the list of closed schools for the day, and share that excitement with your kids!

Teach the kids that this was a gift!

Teach them to go back to bed and read a book a little longer, or even just lay there and do nothing! (it will buy you at least an extra 10 minutes of closed eyed mommy/daddy time)

But wait, seriously what do I do with the kids?

Make a huge deal about breakfast! Make pancakes, eggs, french toast- even fire up some bacon!

After you are done, get all of the comforters off the beds and make up a cozy nest to watch a snowy movie, or a family favorite! This will leave plenty of time for you to clean up breakfast and get yourself ready for a day of fun, or accomplish anything else you need to get done.

Get outside!

  1. Snowball fight
  2. Sledding
  3. Snow walk
  4. Look for animal prints in the snow – try to identify them!
  5. Build a fort
  6. Build a snowman

When it is time to come inside and warm up, teach your kids to stomp their feet and shake their little bodies before they come in. This way a lot of the snow stuck to them will come off outside instead of getting your floors soaking wet.

Also, no matter what age, teach your kids to bring their clothes to the dryer, or hang them up in a designated spot. This will train your kids to always do it when they come in from playing in the snow. This can apply to any routine when coming in and out of the entry way.

While you make up lunch or make hot chocolate have the kids use the blankets to make a fort to eat in (snow days are special days). Lay down the rules with what they can and cannot use to help make their fort, otherwise the beautiful lamp that Great Aunt Suzy left you could be in pieces on the floor. YIKES!

Now, here is the thing, depending on the age of your kids you may be fine with them watching a show or playing a game on the console, BUT there are other things they can do to hit their creative side.

Creative Ideas for inside time

This all depends on what you have around the house, but this is assuming you have at least paper and a couple of writing utensils. If that is all that you have, I STRONGLY suggest getting some coloring utensils and paper in the house. Crayola, as a teacher, is my personal favorite and the most durable for the dropping and usage.

So here we go…

Write a story

Children of all ages are able to tell a story, being able to write it is a whole other ball game. So I broke this down according to developmental stages, and factoring in where they are in school.

2-4 year olds

Kids this age can draw the story then tell you what they drew. It is your job to translate their imagination from the picture into words. Doing this is a crucial step to reading and writing development, you are teaching your child that their pictures carry a meaning.

5 year olds

This age group is on their own, they will be able to draw a picture and start forming letters to what they think are words. Afterwards have your child read to you what they wrote and write it in smaller words below their very large writing. This stage of writing is the most fun because they understand that print and their picture carries meaning.

6-7 year olds

Best time for imagination! They should draw then write about what they have been drawing. They may ask for spelling on certain words, at this age you should spell it for them.


Still have amazing imaginations! Most will want to write first draw second. Have them type it if they want to, then create their own pictures on the printed out version. Do not let them get pictures from the internet, have them use their own ideas!

Story Ideas

  1. A green dinosaur walked across the yard and I…
  2. The snow kept coming down and we had another snow day! What would you want to do?
  3. If I was king/queen for the day I would do these 3 things…
  4. Pretend you are a squirrel what would you do all day?
  5. If you could plan out your perfect day what would you do?
  6. What is your favorite movie and why is it your favorite?

Draw a picture

Have your kids draw pictures or make cards for upcoming celebrations! Teach your kids what a pun is and have them create their own or look one up to use in the cards.


I know, not all of us are bakers, but for the sake of the kids it will be a lot of fun! Bake that box of brownies, or find a recipe online!


Snow days are great, and a gift of time to spend with our wonderful kids. Use this day to teach them about all the cool things there are to do with snow, show them the excitement that you have for it (or used to), and all of the things you would have done if you were their age. Also teach them to be responsible with the snow. Where to and not to build forts, how to and where not to throw a snowball ( cough- moving cars- cough cough).


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